Diocesan Newsletter

December 2021

  • ‘Shoe Box’ for Christmas

    The social platform of the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton specifically for children is to promote awareness on the importance of creating a culture of safety for children in our community. We are adopting the ‘Shoe Box’ concept where we would request donors to put in necessary items that a child would use and appreciate.

  • If the statues and stained glass windows could speak

    The history I have gathered through my photography has also been a rich and colourful record of Catholic faith traditional practices. It is obvious how statues, medals, stained glass windows and books, formed an intimate part of our religious life. Statues particularly of Mary and Joseph were a visible expression of our faith and beliefs.

  • Looking to Jesus: The Vocation of the Family

    Francis emphasises that Christian families are not a product of the Church, but rather the Church is a product of Christian families.

  • Parish News

    Capricorn Coast








  • Bishop Michael’s Christmas Message

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

    I write this message at the beginning of December and the summer rains are with us. It is beautiful driving around and seeing the deep colours of green, the land transform

  • Clergy Appointments for 2022

    Considering the availability of full-time priests for 2022, I have made the following appointments with 17 full time priests to assign across the close and far distance communities of faith of our Diocese.

  • In Memory of Patrick George Ogden

    The recent death of Pat Ogden in Barcaldine saw the passing of a western icon.

  • Stella Maris Centre Mackay Says Goodbye to a Good and Faithful Servant

    Stella Maris Seafarers’ Centre, Mackay, is losing a good and faithful servant, Peter Cahill, Centre Manager. Peter, after a long career in the Seafaring industry and five years as Stella Maris Centre Mackay,

  • Uniform Donations Needed for School Savvy

    With the end of the school year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about whether you have school uniforms that you won’t be reusing next year.

  • Blessing and Opening of St Elizabeth Villa

    Now at full capacity, the 120-bed St Elizabeth Villa was blessed by Bishop of Rockhampton Michael McCarthy at an official opening on 17 November where St Elizabeth of Hungary was honoured.

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