The restoration works on our Cathedral were finalised in 2014, and accordingly, Bishop Michael considered it appropriate to draw the Restoration phase of the fundraising effort to a close. The people of the Diocese demonstrated tremendous foresight and great faith in ensuring that appropriate measures were taken to ensure the longevity of our Cathedral, and should be commended for their generosity in being a part of that.

Of the total project cost of $6.5 million, monetary contributions were as follows:

  • $350,000 from the Australian Government
  • $100,000 from the Queensland Government
  • $2.46 million from general fundraising
  • $3.59 million from the Catholic Diocese

Planning is the first and most important function of being prepared for what is to come – both known and to an extent the unknown. Just as the restoration works were undertaken on our Cathedral to ensure the longevity of the building, we continue now to plan for the future of our spiritual home as Catholics in the Diocese of Rockhampton.

Our Cathedral is a historic and iconic building. It requires regular and ongoing maintenance, as any building would, but also requires special attention to maintain its unique architectural character, heritage elements and spiritual identity. Thanks greatly to your generosity, we did the hard yards restoring our Cathedral, giving us once again a firm foundation to work from. However, we know the Cathedral will need continued work in the future, so we are putting plans in place now through the Cathedral Conservation Appeal to make sure we continue to help preserve it well into the future.

St Joseph’s is the Cathedral church for our Diocese and we all have a connection to it. It has played host to significant events and has gathered many people from all over our vast Diocese. Modern technology such as live-streaming also lets more people have access to events held here. All these events have given shape to the life of our Diocese and parishes, and with your support will continue to do so well into the future.

We would be grateful if you would consider extending your generosity to this cause.