Even today the church continues the work of the Apostles to hand of the teachings of Christ and to be his ambassadors in our world.

We all have a different calling and some of us are called to go and serve directly in the mission field and others are called to support that work through prayer and resources.

Within the church, we have organisations that serve in mission and to be apostles directly in the mission fields around the world.  They do tremendous work living and working with people to support them in times of need and disaster, to pass on the faith, to educate and train them and improve facilities for them, not only in the short term but for the longer term to ensure they are equipped and ready to support themselves.

In Australia, two major organisations are Catholic Mission and Caritas Australia.

Please visit their pages for further information on what they do and how you can support the mission throughout the world.

Details for Catholic Mission’s Rockhampton Diocesan Director:

Mr. Greg Claire

(07) 4887 3083