Each diocese has appointed by its Bishop a Vicar General whose prime responsibility is to assist the Bishop on the governance of the whole Diocese.

The Vicar General is a priest of the diocese and has the same executive power throughout the whole diocese as that which belongs by law to the diocesan Bishop – Bishop Michael; that is, the Vicar General can perform all administrative acts in the diocese except those which the Bishop has reserved to himself or which by law require a special authorization of the Bishop.

Church law (Canon law) lists a number of conditions that are to be met for the appointment for a Vicar General; other qualifications could be added to the list found in the code;

  • He should be esteemed by the presbyterate and in public opinion.
  • Be wise, honest and morally upright.
  • Have a good human rapport with others.
  • Be competent in dealing with diocesan affairs.

These are not just conditions and good qualities which are prerequisites for appointment; they are in many respects virtues to which one is to aspire in one’s daily living.

It could be said that a fundamental quality in the Vicar General’s governance is the full care of and welfare of the people of the Diocese.


Very Rev Peter Tonti
Vicar General

07 4887 3070 PO Box 611
170 William Street
Rockhampton Qld 4700