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Pentecost Sunday – outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts)
“Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord.” (Zech 4:6)

Throughout the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton, Catholic Charismatic Renewal is proclaiming the power of the Holy Spirit, and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

How Catholic Charismatic Renewal Began

Catholic Charismatic Renewal began with a few Catholics gathered at Duquesne University in the United States who had a deep experience of the Holy Spirit while on a weekend retreat in 1967. They experienced the power of the Spirit and a new, personal relationship with Jesus, and experienced spiritual gifts (see 1 Cor 12) as a reality in their lives as ordinary Catholics. Catholic Charismatic Renewal spread rapidly, coming to Australia in 1969.

What Popes have had to say

Pope John XXIII’s prayer in preparation for the Second Vatican Council was: “Renew in our days your miracles as of a second Pentecost.

Pope Paul VI said on 12 October 1966: “If we really love our Church, the main thing we must do is to foster in it an outpouring of the Divine Paraclete, the Holy Spirit.”

Pope Francis recently said “you, the Charismatic Renewal, have received a great gift from the Lord.  Your movement’s birth was willed by the Holy Spirit to be a current of grace in the Church and for the Church.  This is your identity: to be a current of grace.”  His aim is that this “current of grace” will realise its full potential in renewing the church and empowering us for mission in today’s world.  The Pope is encouraging Baptism in the Holy Spirit for the whole Church.

What is a Charismatic Prayer Meeting?

St Paul writes about prayer meetings in 1 Cor 14:26:

When you assemble, one has a psalm, another some instruction to give, still another a revelation to share, one speaks in a tongue, another interprets.

The meeting takes place in a relaxed atmosphere where joy and the love of God is emphasised, and where everyone is welcomed. God is praised with enthusiasm.

The Word of God is listened to, and regular teaching instructs and helps people to grow in their life in the Spirit. A leader coordinates different segments of the meeting:

Praise: God is praised in song and prayer for his majesty, his love and his faithfulness, and thanked for his grace in our lives. This praise and thanksgiving may be in words, songs or through the way of praying without words known as ‘praying in tongues’.

Prophecy: Someone may speak an exhortation or word of encouragement from God, through the Holy Spirit. The group discerns this word in the light of Scripture and Catholic tradition.

Scripture: Someone may share a brief passage of Scripture.

Teaching: A speaker may give a short talk on one of a variety of subjects aimed at helping us to know God and to lead better Christian lives.

Intercession: There will usually be times of intercession for the needs of the world, the Church, parish and home. Prayer for healing is always available for those who seek it.

Witness: Someone may relate how they have experienced God working in their life, and how God has blessed them and changed.

Throughout, the aim is to be open to the action of God’s Spirit in the meeting.

The Experience of the Baptism in the Spirit

Regular ‘Life in the Spirit’ seminars of about six weeks duration are conducted, during which participants are encouraged to enter a deeper and more personal relationship with Jesus, and to yield more completely to the power of the Holy Spirit. As a result of this prayer, people experience the loving presence and the enabling power of God in their lives. The experience of God’s presence and power should be expected in the life of every follower of Jesus.  This transforming effect is usually referred to as the ‘baptism in the Spirit’. It is sometimes called the ‘release of the Holy Spirit’, or ‘a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit’ receiving spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 12).

Endorsement of Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Pope Francis established CHARIS so the Catholic Charismatic Renewal can most effectively impact the life of the Church.  The Pope calls all CHARIS members to work towards the spiritual renewal of the whole Church; to serve the poor and to work for unity and, where possible, reconciliation among Christians.

Most Rev Michael McCarthy, Bishop of Rockhampton wrote “It is indeed a wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit enlightening and enlivening the minds and hearts of the people of the Diocese…”

The Bishops of Australia have given their full support to Catholic Charismatic Renewal and have appointed full time and part time Chaplains and liaison Priests.

Diocesan Catholic Charismatic Renewal Prayer Groups

Blackwater – In the Name of Jesus Prayer Group

WHERE            Mary Immaculate Church, Kurrajong Street, Blackwater
WHEN              Wednesday, 10am to 11.30am (Weekly)
CONTACT        Christine Boag 0458 241 150

Bundaberg – United Hearts Prayer Group

WHERE           Novakoski Centre, Woongarra Street, Bundaberg
WHEN             Tuesday, 7pm to 8pm (1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month)
CONTACT       Arlyn Klintstron 0435 569 750

Emerald – The Good Shepherd Prayer Group

WHERE           St Patrick’s Church, Yamala Street, Emerald
WHEN             Wednesday, 7pm to 8.30pm (Weekly)
CONTACT       Sharon McDonald 0409 632 074

Gladstone – New Life Ministries

WHERE           Parish Hall, Herbert Street, Gladstone
WHEN             Thursday, 7pm to 8.30pm  (2nd & 4th Thursday each month, excluding school holidays)
CONTACT       Maryanne Shaw 0409 898 895

Mackay & Region

WHERE           St Joseph’s Parish Centre, 21-23 Grendon Street, North Mackay
WHEN             Sunday 4pm to 5.30pm  (1st and 3rd Sunday of each month)
CONTACT       Deirdre Comerford 0419 028 016


WHERE           Our Lady Help of Christians Church, 33 Main Street, Park Avenue
WHEN             Once a month
CONTACT       Laura Otto 0434 552 280 and Naomi Pettett 0438 478 094