Our Bishop, Michael McCarthy, has continued to respond to the coronavirus, COVID 19, as the situation has developed across the world and here in Australia.

Following the release of Queensland’s ‘Roadmap’ for easing restrictions Bishop Michael has shared this message with all the faithful in our Diocese on what they can expect of our parishes in the coming days:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Many of you would be aware of the Queensland Government’s release of the ‘Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions’ last week. The Roadmap made provision for the progressive easing of restrictions for places of worship, religious ceremonies, weddings and funerals, as well as many other aspects of our daily lives. Given the very limited numbers allowed to attend church services over coming months, it looks likely to be some time before normal Mass schedules can resume.

In the meantime, I have advised that individual parish priests and administrators will have the discretion to determine how the relaxed restrictions will be implemented in their own parishes and churches. This will include a plan following the guidelines regarding social distancing and cleaning protocols. The majority of people will be unable to attend Mass until at least July. You are encouraged to contact your local parish for information.

I ask that we all continue to be patient as we navigate the weeks and months ahead together.

Yours Sincerely,