The Professional Standards Office is charged with implementing the National Response Protocol within Queensland.

The Diocese of Rockhampton, in dealing with issues of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, follows the principles and procedures set out in the National Response Protocol, the Church’s protocol for addressing these issues.

The protocol covers complaints of inappropriate behaviour leveled at clergy, religious and other paid and voluntary personnel of the Catholic Church in Queensland.

Church Response

The bishops and leaders of religious institutes of the Catholic Church in Queensland acknowledge with deep regret that a number of people have abused children, adolescents and adults who have been in their pastoral care.

Any attempt to sexualise a pastoral relationship is a breach of trust, an abuse of authority, and professional misconduct.

Any form of sexual behaviour with a minor or adolescent is always sexual abuse.

Such behaviour is both immoral and criminal. Clergy, members of religious orders, and others who work in the name of the Church are in a special position of trust and authority in relation to those who are in their pastoral care, including:

  • parishioners
  • people seeking advice
  • the sick
  • people with a disability
  • school students


You can ring the help line number: 1800 337 928 if you wish to:

  • Talk in confidence about what happened, and about your current situation.
  • Make an official complaint which will be registered and responded to in accordance with the National Response Protocol. Ask in confidence for assistance and support (for example: counselling)
  • Obtain a copy of the National Response Protocol

The Church actively encourages complainants to report their concerns to the police at any stage.

Making a Complaint

To make a complaint please:

  1. Ring the Help Line number: 1800 337 928 and say you wish to make a complaint.
  2. You will be put in touch with a Contact Person living in your part of the State. The Contact Person will arrange a meeting at a location to suit you. The Contact Person will document your complaint. You will be required to sign the written document once you are satisfied as to its accuracy. The contact report will then be dealt with in accordance with the National Response Protocol.