Diocesan Newsletter

March 2024

  • Bishop Michael’s Letter

    As we look to the future, it will be in the pre-Easter gathering of our priests and the principals of our schools, the Chrism Mass for the Diocese and then it is down to Easter by the end of March.

  • Ordination of Peter Doherty

    It was with great jubilation that Peter Doherty was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Rockhampton on Thursday, 22nd February in St Joseph’s Cathedral in Rockhampton.

  • Introducing Fr Peter Bang SVD

    My full name is Peter Nguyễn văn Bàng, just call me Bàng.

  • Parish News

    Capricorn Coast

    Central West







  • Director of Catholic Education Leesa Jeffcoat to conclude her time in the role

    Director of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Rockhampton, Miss Leesa Jeffcoat will conclude her time as Director at the end of 2024 following a period of leave during Semester 2.

  • Thank you Sharyn and Bob Hogan

    Two who have served the Rockhampton Parish in this role for nearly thirty years are Sharyn and Bob Hogan.  Bishop Michael said of them, ‘They keep us, the clergy, calm.’

  • Introducing our Caritas Representative: Angela Wilczek

    As we come to the end of Lent and the annual appeal for Project Compassion, it is a good time to introduce the Diocesan Caritas Representative, Angela Wilczek.

  • Love & Responsibility – John Paul II

    Hayley will be presenting a webinar on Zoom about her experiences of the course and some of the core messages of John Paul II’s ‘Love & Responsibility’.

  • Couples for Christ programs in Rockhampton and at The Haven

    Couples for Christ- Mackay (CFC- Mackay) conducted the Christian Life Program on the 4 Sundays of March 2024 at Duhig Conference Centre, 147 West Street, Rockhampton.

  • Bishop Michael’s Easter Message

    The Easter Sunday Gospel of Jesus speaks to a friend, Mary of Magdala, and brings hope to those who had thought all was lost. In the recognition of the Risen Christ, her pain of loss was turned into joy.

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