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Introducing Fr Peter Bang SVD

20 March, 2024
Fr Bang, svd gathered with residents and friends of McLean Place Blackall for their monthly singing morning

My full name is Peter Nguyễn văn Bàng, just call me Bàng. I was born to a devoted Catholic family in Vietnam. I am the youngest of eight with three brothers and four sisters – one of whom is a nun.

In 1999 after completing high school, I went to university in Đa Nang. I graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Auditing.

When I finished university, I went back to my hometown and worked with a building company for about 10 months as an accountant.

At the age of 23, I joined the Divine Word Missionaries in Vietnam and did my philosophical and theological studies in Saigon. After two years of philosophy, I was asked to undertake the Overseas Training Program, where we learn and experience another culture and language in Hungary and Germany.

I was ordained a missionary priest in Saigon, Vietnam. After this, I was assigned to work in Australia. I arrived in Melbourne in March, 2014. I did one year’s formation to improve my English language and six months of pastoral experiences at St. Gregory’s parish in Doncaster, Melbourne.

In November 2015, I came to work in “Banana-Land”, at St. Maximilian Kolbe parish in Marsden and St. Mark’s parish in Inala. In February 2020, I received a new appointment from our provincial, Fr Asaeli Rass, to work in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish, Alice Springs.

In middle of last month, I arrived in Rockhampton Diocese to take my new mission in Central West. I would like to say thank you Bishop Michael for inviting and trusting SVDs to come to work in his Diocese. I feel very privileged to spend my time doing missionary work in this vast mission area. I know that doing mission work in other countries with different cultures and languages is not easy. However, I believe that God’s grace will be enough for me. I hope and pray that I will learn and gain both knowledge and grace from people and ministry here in Central West. God bless us and our mission!

With love and grace,

Fr. Peter Bang, SVD