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‘Shoe Box’ for Christmas

14 December, 2021

World Children’s Day was celebrated on 20th November 2021. However, there is no time limit in acknowledging the role we play in our children’s lives.

The social platform of the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton specifically for children is to promote awareness on the importance of creating a culture of safety for children in our community.

The Queensland statistics for years 2019-2020 reflect a staggering number of children in care. There are approximately 150 children at risk coming into foster care. The age group of these children range from 0 to 17 years old.

Children’s agencies together with the Safeguarding team of the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton and the Volunteers Without Borders are consolidating their resources to focus the Holiday celebration this year on bringing the Good Tidings of Christmas to these children, who face a bleak Christmas let alone, uncertain future.


We are adopting the ‘Shoe Box’ concept where we would request donors to put in necessary items that a child would use and appreciate – toiletries, art supplies, children’s reading or drawing materials, sweets and chips in small packets, hats or caps and a small toy. These gifts will be distributed at a special gathering at 10.00 am on Christmas Eve at the Cathedral precinct.

This is in keeping with the COVID 19 protocol on gathering in groups where safety is paramount for everyone in the community, most especially the children.

For enquiries: Linda Esguerra at 0407 831 975, or Rose Swadling at 0418 458 622

The Volunteers: L-R, Julie Irwin, Sher Hennessey, Donna Turner, Gaby Nagel, Rose Swadling, Linda Esguerra and Rhianna Blanch