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St Brendan’s College Musical Spectacle

17 October, 2023

In a harmonious celebration of talent, passion, and community spirit, SBC students from year 7 to 12 gathered to create a massed band of 50 young musicians. The concert, held on Saturday, October 7th, was a resounding success, and the unity and creativity displayed by these budding musicians left the audience in awe.

The repertoire for the event was nothing short of impressive. The young musicians enchanted the audience with their renditions of classic tunes, including “Blues to Grow On,” “Lean on Me,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Streets of Cairo,” and “Smoke on the Water.”

What made the event even more special was the inclusion of guests from the Rockhampton City Band, with whom they join forces for ANZAC day services. This collaboration added a unique layer of complexity and an intergenerational aspect to the music, showcasing the power of music to bridge generational divides and bring communities together.

The afternoon started on a jazzy note as the Saint Ursula’s and Saint Brendan’s Jazz Band, under the direction of Mrs. du Plessis, opened the concert. Following this captivating opening, the Rockhampton Symphony Jazz Orchestra, directed by Mr. Romy Legaspi, graced the stage and closed the concert in style. The grand finale was nothing short of spectacular. Over 100 musicians came together to form a mass band that performed adrenaline-pumping renditions of “Crazy Train” and “Born to Be Wild.”

The collective efforts of these students not only provided an unforgettable musical experience but also made a difference in their community. The concert raised $500 for the Eddie’s Food Van, which provides crucial support to those in need.

The concert attracted an audience of around 250 people, reflecting the strong support these young musicians have from their families, friends, and the community. Their talent and dedication have undoubtedly won the hearts of many.