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News from Clermont

17 October, 2023

Police Remembrance Day 2023

On the 29th of September 2023, St Mary’s Clermont hosted the regional celebration of the National Police Remembrance Day with officers attending from Mackay, Clermont and Moranbah. The service was led by Fr Jayanthi with the liturgy and readings reflecting the call to duty and role played by the those women and men who daily place their lives and livelihoods on the line to provide a safe environment for our communities. Commemorations were read for those serving officers who had died in the line of duty during the past twelve months

Following the service, the three wreaths that were placed in memory of those deceased members were taken to the Clermont Cemetery where two wreaths  were placed on the graves of serving Clermont policemen (Constable Edward Reilly (1899) and Robert Orme (1905)) who had perished in the execution of duty, the third wreath was placed on the grave of former Senior Constable Bruce Wilby, long time Clermont resident and parishioner of St Mary’s, who passed away in December 2022.