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News from the Capricorn Coast

16 October, 2023

St Brendan’s College, St Ursula’s College and St. Benedict’s Students Bring Tropical Vibes to Pinefest

Approximately 30 students from SBC and St. Benedict’s donned tropical attire and played musical instruments during the lively Pinefest march, uniting the community in a colorful display of school spirit. Students from both schools paraded through the streets, serenading onlookers with the sounds of steel drums, maracas, and guitars.

Later in the day, the SBC/STU Jazz Band took the stage at the beachfront, enchanting the audience with their melodious tunes as the sun set over the ocean.







Thank you Father Terry Loth

We thank our diocese’s ‘I’ve been everywhere’ priest for serving our parish while Fr Matthew had his annual leave.  We were once again inspired by his enthusiasm and touched by his kindness. Nita Humpheries, Andrea Canavan and Angela Wilczek, our new parish secretary took Fr Terry for a farewell morning tea.

New Carpet!!!

New carpet is replacing the very worn and stained flooring at the church at Emu Park and the parishioners of St Mary Immaculate are delighted.  They have had to vacate the church for about two weeks and  so have enjoyed celebrating Eucharist in the great outdoors.  Thank God it wasn’t raining or too hot.  Just right.  We look forward to returning indoors for next Sunday’s Eucharist.