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News from Rockhampton

18 March, 2024

New Direction for Rockhampton Youth Ministry

As the parishes in Rockhampton continue their journey of working together as one community, our youth groups are also looking to forge a new path together. For almost 10 years there have been separate youth groups based in North and South Rockhampton but on Saturday the 24th of February the two sides of the river came together to compete in the inaugural Rockhampton Catholic Youth Games.

24 young competitors showed up to represent their side of the river in a number of games including Tug of War and Dodgeball. The scores were even at the end of regulation and a bottle-flip challenge tiebreaker was required to declare a winner. Ezra Maher won the challenge to bring home the trophy to the North side of the Tunuba.

After the games were finished there was time to split into groups to get to know each other better and also discuss hopes and ideas for the future of youth ministry in Rockhampton, including a new youth group name and identity. This was followed by participating in Mass at the Cathedral and finishing with pizza for dinner.

We were also blessed to be visited by Bishop Michael and the clergy of Rockhampton who spoke to the group and gave their blessing to the event.

Youth ministry will continue this year on the first Saturday of each month at Holy Family from 6pm to 8pm after the 5pm Mass and at the Cathedral from 7pm to 8:30pm after the Saturday night TCC Masses.

The next youth event will be Stations of the Cross at Kershaw Gardens (Starting at the High Street Entrance) at 10am on Good Friday.

For more details about youth ministry in Rockhampton contact Mick at 0433 897 973 or