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Letter from Bishop Michael

15 February, 2022
Bishop Michael with Michael McCusker in an old laboratory on the SRI site

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Welcome to 2022.

We are already halfway through February and getting closer to the beginning of Lent. Ash Wednesday will soon be upon us and then Easter.

This month has been challenging for all of us and especially our school communities. All schools have done magnificently well in catering with the new demands from COVID and making our schools a very welcoming place for our young people. As we move into the next phase of our year, Ash Wednesday and Lent, may God’s richest blessings be upon all you all.

This newsletter contains a lot of happenings around the Diocese and this year we especially would like this newsletter to be a great forum for all the events in the Diocese. Could you please assist with sending in articles and more importantly notes about what is happening in all our parish communities, school communities and our welfare and health areas.

God bless you all.