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LeBreton Stem Hub opened at St Brendan’s College

19 July, 2023
Bishop Michael blessing the new facilities.

The College officially opened the STEM Building last Thursday, 13 July. The inauguration was made even more special with the building being blessed by Most Reverend Michael McCarthy. We are so very grateful for the presence of the Bishop who lent his blessings ensuring that this milestone was marked with grace and spiritual significance.

This new building represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to fostering inclusivity and providing the best resources for our students. With cutting-edge technology, advanced laboratories, and collaborative spaces, it is designed to ignite curiosity, spark innovation, and nurture the next generation of STEM leaders.

We cannot express enough how life-changing this new facility will be for our students. It is a place where dreams will be realized, where ideas will flourish, and where lifelong passions will be ignited. The LeBreton STEM Building is more than just bricks and mortar; it symbolizes endless possibilities and a brighter future.

The College extends our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been part of this incredible endeavor.

If you have not seen this building, we encourage you to take a look next time you are at the College.