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Bishop Michael’s Letter

25 July, 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Welcome to each of you as you read this month’s electronic diocesan newsletter. As this newsletter is distributed throughout the diocese, we will all be welcoming a new Deacon to our diocese, Peter Doherty. A local from Bundaberg who studied at the University of Qld, worked in Brisbane, and is now returning after a few years in the seminary and formation as a deacon and next year as a priest for our diocese. Welcome Peter and for taking the step of embracing the priesthood. The Diocese celebrates with you and we wish you all of God’s blessings.

In the coming days, thirty-three pilgrims are preparing to travel to Lisbon in Portugal to be with the Holy Father who is joining about one million young people for World Youth Day. The trip of the pilgrims is through Avila and Segovia in Spain the places of St Theresa of Avila and St John of the Cross and then into Portugal and spending seven days of incredible encounter with the Holy Spirit and with the young people from across the world. Please pray for our pilgrims and our young people as they encounter their God in the most incredible way. After our time in Lisbon our group will move up to Fatima to spend a couple of days reflecting before the journey home.

Pilgrims come from all parts of our diocese. Some are from our teaching community from Catholic Education and together with our young people from youth groups and youth movements who will join with us. Our guide, Mr Michael Otto will lead us through these marvellous days at World Youth Day. Please pray for us all for safe travels.

Over the past few weeks many of our young people have been celebrating Confirmation in many of our parish communities and we wish them all the very best as they make this commitment to their catholic faith followed by First Holy Communion.

During the month I travelled down to Toowoomba to be with Bishop Ken Howell as he was installed as the seventh Bishop of Toowoomba. Our greetings go with Bishop Ken, our neighbour in the west as he begins the ministry of Bishop of the Toowoomba Diocese.

May God’s richest blessing come upon you and your families.