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News from the Capricorn Coast

21 July, 2023


What a wonderful time of celebration we have had recently. Bishop Michael came to the Capricorn Coast to bless a building at St Brendan’s College, celebrate Mass at Sacred Heart Church, where children from Sacred Heart School and St Benedict’s School received a blessing, and to confirm our children.

On Friday evening, Bishop Michael confirmed 40 primary school children from the Parish and on Sunday morning these children received their First Holy Communion.

On Sunday evening, seven high school children from St Brendan’s College and St Ursula’s College, were also confirmed and received their First Holy Communion.

It was a wonderful time to be shared by parishioners, as we watched these children learn more about our loving God and grow closer in their relationship to Him. A big thank you must go to the Sacramental Team, parents, carers and Fr Matthew, who have guided the children along their sacramental journey. We pray that the children will recognise the presence of the Holy Spirit as they continue their faith journey.


Bishop Michael also presided over Mass on Saturday evening at Mary Immaculate Church, and then stayed and chatted with parishioners over a shared meal.

Our “Meet in the Middle” was held last Monday at the Waterline Cafe. This is an opportunity for parishioners from both sides of the parish to come together in peaceful surroundings to have a chat and a laugh. This was usually held every two months, but now has been changed to every second Monday of the month. Please feel free to join us if you are visiting the area.