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Queensland Bushfires

07 December, 2018

The bushfires in our Diocese recently were fuelled by some extreme hot weather conditions, with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees and fires starting in locations all around our Diocese.

Fires around Baffle Creek, Deepwater and Mt Larcom first caught media attention, but then fires also began to impact Gracemere, Kabra and Stanwell to the west of Rockhampton, and Finch Hatton and Eungella near Mackay.

A number of communities had to be evacuated, including the entire town of Gracemere one night, which was over 8000 people.  Thankfully a change in conditions allowed emergency crews to get this fire under control.

Our fire fighters, all emergency services and SES have put in an amazing effort to try to protect lives, homes and property.  They have been assisted by generous crews from interstate.  Unfortunately a few people were affected, but there is no doubt without the effort of our emergency services the situation would have been much worse.  We thank them for their hard work and giving so selflessly to help other.

The full impact is not known, with information from some areas not available yet.

The Diocese of Rockhampton operates an Emergency Relief Fund which can be used to support those who experienced loss as a result of fire. Click here if you would like to make a donation.