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St Brendan’s Rodeo a Raging Success

16 September, 2021
Rodeo riders praying The Bullrider's Prayer

Saturday the 4th of September saw the St Brendan’s College Composite Pools Rodeo make an epic come back in the school arena. The event attracted crowds of more than 4500 people with a host of entertainment and more than 300 competitors.

There was something for the whole family including amusement rides and a number of food vendors.  The School boys event started at 9am where SBC Boys took out places including a 1st for Kayde Johnson, 2nd for Matt Ahern and 3rd for Jesse Remfrey in the Junior Steer ride, followed by a 1st for Jimmy McClelland, 2nd for Brad Ratcliffe and a 3rd for Toby Daley in the Senior Steer ride and finally a 1st for Ben Moran, 2nd for Jimmy McClelland and a 3rd for Jacob Carige in the Junior Bull Ride.  The interschool event was followed by the slack rodeo commencing at 1.30pm.  The crowd was really drawn to the professional APRA rodeo which kicked off at 5.45pm. The Results of the Professional Rodeo are yet to go up on the APRA site, but keep an eye out at….

The College would like to thank all the staff and volunteers who put in countless hours to make this event a success and a huge thankyou to sponsors who made this event a possibility with their generous donations.


As I live the Cowboy Way,
Protection is what I pray,
I don’t know my fate,
Outside of the gate.
If my ride sees trouble,
Send Angels on the double,
For in you the Lord I rest,
Let my life pass your test.
By pure grace I am saved,
Lord, ride with me, for your way is paved.
That’s the Cowboy Way, and what bull riders pray.