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Rite of Election celebrated at Holy Family Church

09 March, 2022
Bishop Michael preaching before the altar.

On Sunday 27 February, the Rite of Election for catechumens from the Rockhampton parishes took place at Holy Family Church, Rockonia Parish, with Bishop Michael McCarthy presiding.

Before the Rite, Bishop Michael presented his homily which outlined some of the history and significance of the Rite of Election in the early Church while seated on a chair before the altar as a symbol of his teaching authority – symbolism which dates back to the early Church and which was celebrated by the recent feast day of the Chair of St Peter on 22 February. (The feast day commemorates the contribution of the Apostle, St Peter, to the Christian Church. It celebrates his endless efforts to build a strong community around the teachings of Christ. In Antioch and Rome, the chair on which he sat while giving his sermons became an important symbol of his teaching authority hence the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter.)

The Elect (L to R): Ashlee Rose, Huyen Ngo, Tara Winmill, Jessica Commins

During the Rite, catechumens: Jessica Commins and Huyen Ngo (Rockonia Parish) and Tara Winmill and Ashlee Rose (Cathedral Parish of St Joseph), expressed their willingness to receive the sacraments of initiation and, after ratifying their readiness to proceed, Bishop Michael invited the catechumens to write their names in the Book of Election.

During Lent, the four Elect will enter into a Period of Purification and Enlightenment – a time for reflection and deepening conversion, marked by the celebration of the three scrutinies and presentations of the Creed and the Our Father.

At the end of this time, the four Elect are looking forward to the celebration of the Rite of Christian Initiation which will take place at the Easter Vigil at St Joseph’s Cathedral on Saturday 16 April.