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News from the Capricorn Coast

14 September, 2022

On Friday 12th August, parishioners were invited to join St Benedict’s Year 1 students and their teachers to celebrate Mass at Sacred Heart Church, Yeppoon.  After Mass we joined the children in the community room where they asked us to tell them about our roles in our parish family, inside and outside the church, as they were learning about this at school. When we finished answering the children’s questions, they sang two beautiful songs with actions for us – what a delight!! Following this we shared morning tea and a chat.  Fr Andrew then led the children on a tour of the church to help them understand the many different parts of our church and what they are used for. Thank you children for inviting us to share your visit to our church.

On Tuesday 30th August, the Preps from Sacred Heart also made a visit to the church and spent time with Fr Andrew discussing the symbols and important features of our church and parish.

The Year 1’s from Sacred Heart School also stayed after Friday Mass to speak with Fr Andrew about Baptism as they are learning about it in their Religion units at school.

On Thursday 8th September, parishioners celebrated Our Lady’s Birthday with the Living Rosary, followed by a shared ‘Blue and White’ afternoon tea. A wonderful time of prayer and fellowship.

A BIG THANK YOU to the wonderful men who fitted a spotlight to the church at Mary Immaculate. The parishioners are very thankful that they can now find their way to their cars after our Saturday night Mass.