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News from North Rockhampton

18 November, 2021

Parishioners have welcomed the recent changes and adjustments to the Rockhampton Parishes Team.  Bishop Michael has the overarching position as Parish Priest and has a strong support team of Fr Andrew Hogan as the Associate Pastor with Pastoral responsibility for the Northside Cluster of Parishes.  Fr Matthias Ogwo as Associate Pastor with Pastoral responsibility for the Cathedral Parish, Fr Jayanthi Maddala, Associate Pastor, Fr Bill Senn, Associate Pastor and with our retired assisting Priest Fr Frank Gilbert, happily assisting where he can.  All Priests, with the exception of Fr Frank, work on a roster for the greater Rockhampton area, so we thank them for their ongoing support and Spiritual guidance as we head towards Advent.

As the year draws to a close, the schools within the North Rockhampton Cluster of Parishes are busily preparing for their End of Year School Masses.  We wish all students the very best for their future, whether it be employment, further education.  A tremendous thank you must also go to parents, who are the first educators and the teachers who guide and encourage our young minds.