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News from Longreach

17 August, 2021

In late June the COVID restrictions changed to permit buffet food.  The St Brigid’s community in Longreach celebrated with a morning tea after their one Sunday morning Mass of the month (other Masses are Vigils).  This pleasantly coincided with a visit from two Seminarians from the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Sang and Sean.

The event received many positive reviews and was such a success that the community decided to try and make this a monthly event.  August’s morning tea coincided with the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and celebrations for Fr Shaiju’s birthday.  Word must have got around as there was a large crowd of over 40 adults in attendance for this special occasion and it was well supported by the Our Lady’s School community.  Among the crowd, conversations were overheard about possibilities for an enhanced music component for this Mass, and more than a few people were spied sneaking a nurse of one of the newest Parishioners – not yet three-month-old twins, Jack and Charlie.