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News from Emerald

18 April, 2023

With the solemn celebration of  Easter Vigil, St Patrick’s Joyfully welcomed Kimberley Dale & Cecilia Ky Tran Duong, who had whole heartedly prepared themselves to be fully initiated into Catholic Church.

We also happily welcomed a new group of young workers who come mainly from Indonesia and East Timor. Some others  come from  Taiwan and Vietnam. Thanks be to God, our parish has become more and more multi cultural. This makes our community even more vibrant.

Fr Francois continues to encourage and grow youth participation at Mass in Emerald. The youth meet once a month for faith formation and fun and on the last Sunday of the month, the youth present the readings and form a wonderful choir, let by Esther McKinlay.

We had  good numbers of people turned up for St Patrick’s day, the parish Feast Day.  It was a fine sunny day when many gathered to wear the green, and celebrate with shared morning tea, music and games, irrespective of whether they were Irish or not.