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News from Clermont

23 February, 2023

During the Australia Day Events, Mrs Singleton, teacher from St Joseph’s School, was nominated for Citizen of the Year and Community Event of the Year, which was St Mary’s Parish Christmas Fair. Also Danny McKay, St Joseph’s School Groundsman received Individual Medallion for Achievement for his mentoring of young artists, volunteering and running community events.

Saturday 28th January was Father Jomon’s last weekend Mass at St Mary’s Church. At the end of Mass Father Jomon was quite ably farewelled by Alan Guilfoyle who presented Father with a gift from the grateful parishioners. An open invitation was given to anyone who wanted to attend the farewell dinner at the Leo Hotel.

Staff, children and parents came together to celebrate the Opening School Mass for St Joseph’s School on Wednesday 1st February. During the celebration, the School and Sports Captains as well as the School Leaders of Year 6, received their badges from Mrs Challacombe, principal of St Joseph’s .