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Fr Bill Senn celebrates 10th Anniversary of Ordination to Priesthood

18 September, 2023
With the Mackay Catholic communities at St Patrick's Church, Mackay.

Recently, I was privileged to celebrate my 10th Anniversary of Priestly Ordination, on Monday 3rd July 2023.

The initial celebration was Mass on Thursday 22nd June at St Joseph’s Cathedral, Rockhampton, which was a joint celebration for Fr Peter Tonti, Fr Jomon Poothara and myself, celebrating 20 Years, 15 Years and 10 Years respectively.

The anniversary celebrations continued into July, as I celebrated Masses in the Southern Cluster Parishes of Mackay, namely St Francis Xavier and St Patrick’s Churches. It was wonderful to celebrate this occasion in my hometown with family, friends and parishioners.

There was a further celebration, upon my return to Rockhampton, at St Paul’s Church in Gracemere on Sunday 9th July; followed by a generous and scrumptious morning tea.

I wish to say “Thank you” to everyone for your presence and your kind wishes on this very special occasion.

God bless,

Fr Bill Senn.