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News from Blackwater

18 September, 2023

Visit of Carol Danby

Over the weekend of the 24th and 25th of June, our Mary Immaculate Parish once again had the pleasure of a visit from Biblical Storyteller, Carol Danby, to inspire us on our faith journey.

Carol professed the Gospel (Matthew 10: 26-33) at our service on Saturday night in her usual inspirational fashion: ‘Do not be afraid’, ‘God loves every hair on your head’.

Sunday morning we gathered for a sumptuous breakfast prepared by Chris Boag with the assistance of Chris’ daughter and granddaughter visiting from the USA. After breakfast, audience participation was called for. As may be seen from the photos, fun and laughter ensued.

Carol explained the Gospel of Matthew to us, discussing how the stories from Matthew were portrayed in other books; but from a differing perspective, and including how many times in the Bible the phrase ‘Do not be afraid’ or similar is mentioned. A great foundation for the season of Matthew in Year A.

Thanks, from our Parish to Carol for taking time out of a very busy life to be with us. As this visit had to be delayed a few times due to unforeseen circumstances, we pray that we will have the pleasure of your company again soon.