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Aboriginal artists visits Biloela Kindergarten

17 May, 2021

Kindergarten students enjoy Aboriginal artist visit

One of the favourite days each term for the children at St Joseph’s Kindergarten, Biloela is when they receive a visit from Wayne Martin who, with his wife Danielle, operates Ngurambang Cultural Education and Aboriginal Art.

Wayne is an artist and through his paintings he shares knowledge of his journey, culture and experiences. The children of St Joseph’s Kindergarten, love learning about Aboriginal Culture through Wayne’s visits and he actively involves the children in the painting of pictures reflecting their life in Biloela.

During a recent visit, the children were involved in painting a picture that represents them and their Kindergarten (Kindy). First, they painted a meeting place which represents the Kindy and then they painted themselves sitting around the meeting place which represents the children at the Kindy.

Then Wayne drew a winding road from the Kindy to each child’s house and the children enthusiastically coloured their house with paint. Wayne then drew Emu footprints that represented the children coming to Kindy to learn and then going home at the end of the day (the arrows). To finish off the children each did a handprint that was labelled with their name.

The St Joseph’s Biloela Kindergarten community are very grateful to Wayne for his visits and for the wonderful work done by Ngurambang Cultural Education and Aboriginal Art to enhance understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal Culture.

The children cannot wait for Wayne’s next visit.