Author: Alison Austin

  • Queensland Bushfires

    The bushfires in our Diocese recently were fuelled by some extreme hot weather conditions, with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees and fires starting in locations all around our Diocese.
    Fires around Baffle Creek, Deepwater and Mt Larcom first caught media attention, but then

    07 December, 2018 more
  • November Edition of Diocesan Newsletter

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    22 November, 2018 more
  • Diocesan History Group

    The newly formed Diocesan History Group has initiated a project to collect photographs, publishes stories and family histories of the early days of parishes in the Diocese.

    22 November, 2018 more
  • Plenary Council Update – Edition 7

    The Church is being reminded by Pope Francis of the insight of the Second Vatican Council, that the fundamental sacarament is baptism.

    15 November, 2018 more
  • Plenary Council Update – Edition 5

    It is my hope that through paitent dialogue and faith-filled discernment, the conciliar journey will confirm the Catholics of Australia in a spirit of fraternal unity and missionary discipleship, thus enabling them to be a leaven of

    justice, and
    in today’s rapidly changing society.

    08 October, 2018 more
  • Plenary Council Update – Edition 6

    In our Diocese of Rockhampton, we are preparing for the Plenary Council now. Bishop Michael has been listening to us, the people of the Diocese, gathered in our Regional Assemblies.

    06 October, 2018 more
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