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2022 Modern Slavery Statement published

06 July, 2023

We are delighted to share the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton’s second Modern Slavery Statement, reaffirming our commitment to combatting and eradicating modern slavery in all its forms. This statement serves as a testament to our dedication to upholding human dignity, social justice, and the principles of Catholic social teaching. By shining a light on the issue of modern slavery, we hope to raise awareness, inspire action, and foster collaboration in our pursuit of a world free from this heinous crime.

The purpose of this statement is multifaceted. First and foremost, it reflects our unwavering belief in the inherent dignity of every human being, irrespective of their background, race, or social status. It is an expression of solidarity with those who suffer under the yoke of modern slavery, recognizing that their plight is incompatible with our values and faith. Furthermore, this statement serves as a call to action, urging all members of our diocese, as well as the wider community, to join hands in the fight against modern slavery. Together, we can make a difference by advocating for stronger laws, supporting victims, and ensuring that our supply chains are free from exploitation.

The importance of eradicating modern slavery cannot be overstated. As followers of Christ, we are called to love our neighbours as ourselves, and this includes actively working to alleviate their suffering. Modern slavery is a grave violation of human rights, causing immeasurable harm to vulnerable individuals who are forced into labour, human trafficking, and other forms of exploitation. By addressing this issue head-on, we strive to create a world where freedom, dignity, and justice are not just lofty ideals, but tangible realities for all.

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