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Opening School Mass at St Ursula’s College, Yeppoon

23 February, 2023

Students and staff at St Ursula’s College, Yeppoon, celebrated the opening of the 2023 school year with Mass on Monday 6 February in Sacred Heart Church, Lammermoor.

During his homily, Fr Matthew Moloney spoke of the College’s chosen theme for 2023 ‘Excellence – Be Your Best’ and told the congregation that God doesn’t make mistakes or create things that are not loved, good, or the best.

“Each of you have already been made as the best and greatest creation of God,” Fr Matthew said. “God has already created you in complete love. Jesus says that ‘you are salt of the earth…you are light of the world! Your theme, YOUR BEST, is your very gift from God and is within you already; today is really for you to remember and embrace this truth and live in this coming year.”

At the conclusion of Mass, College Principal, Mrs Deborah Ryan, extended her thanks to Fr Matthew and welcomed College Captains, Renee McKeering and Imogen Smith, to give their Captains’ Address.

Renee and Imogen encouraged students to embrace the year’s theme by challenging their respective comfort zones and extending boundaries to include new experiences.  “Join that team, study for the grade you want to achieve, volunteer for Eddie’s Van or Headstart, enjoy time outdoors and, most importantly, show yourself; step into your own light, and throw yourself into something new.  Recognise the support system around you to help you ‘Be Your Best’ in 2023. Your parents were the first to believe in you and they will continue to do so, so believe in yourself.”