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News from the Central West

23 February, 2023

Getting Down to Business

While pastoral needs and outreach are rightfully the work of the Catholic Church, the reality is that resources (money, people and buildings) are used to provide for this mission.  In late January the region welcomed Bishop Michael, Dean Smith (Diocesan Finance Administrator) and Ed van Dyke (Diocesan Building and Property Manager) to help us begin the process of sustainably planning for the ‘business’ part of being a Parish.

Meetings were held in Blackall, Barcaldine and Longreach, with parishioners from surrounding communities travelling to these larger centres to participate.  Dean and Ed provided each Parish with the beginnings of the information they need to plan for the ongoing requirements of their Parish/s.  Small groups of parishioners from neighbouring communities are now being formed to undertake strategic planning for the medium to long term sustainability of their parishes.

A massive thank you to Bishop Michael, Dean and Ed for travelling out here and working hard to get us started, and for your commitment to supporting us along the journey that is to come.