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News from the Cathedral Parish

21 October, 2021
Margaret Hallinan and Kevin Hogan

Thanks to Margaret Hallinan from Benevolent Living

Margaret Hallinan is a volunteer with Benevolent Living and while we have never officially named her our  “pastoral carer “ that is exactly what she does.  She volunteers Monday-Friday every week, rain, hail or shine, running regular activities in Bill Power, Mardy McKean and Jack Fleming Houses, as well as Holy Communion every Friday.

Margaret is a such a key figure in our community. When residents are enduring the last of their days, it is to Margaret that they and their families turn.  She helps them to make key decisions on how they want to be remembered and how they want their lives celebrated, she will also act as the celebrant for residents at their celebrations of life.

Margaret is a dedicated, compassionate and incredible volunteer. She will always introduce herself to new residents, especially those who are of Catholic faith and ensure that their needs and wishes are met during their time at Benevolent.

We are eternally grateful for all that she does along with all our many valued volunteers at Benevolent Living .

Kevin Hogan