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News from the Capricorn Coast

15 April, 2024
The Ellrott Clan gathered for the baptisms of Emilia White and Margot Harrell.

It is always a prayerful time of reflection and conversion during the Lenten season as we wait for the joyful Easter celebrations.  We gathered together for Stations of the Cross each week through Lent leading up to Palm Sunday when we celebrated the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as we held up our palms to be blessed and then processed into the church.

We gathered at The Haven with the Couples for Christ group from Mackay, for a special Stations of the Cross in a serene atmosphere on March 16th followed by Mass at Mary Immaculate Church. We slowly walked the grounds of The Haven as we prayed the Stations, which was a beautiful, prayerful experience.

The Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday night, included the procession of the newly blessed Holy Oils for use in our Parish and Fr Matthew following Jesus’ example of service by washing some parishioner’s feet, so we too can follow this example in our daily lives. Our Ecumenical Walk of Reflection was held on Good Friday morning, and this was followed by the Passion of the Lord on Friday afternoon.  Holy Saturday is a time of waiting as we prepare for the Resurrection of Christ. We gather for the Easter Vigil as we enter from darkness to light and await Christ’s return in glory. The Paschal Candle, after being lit from the blessed fire, is processed into the church scattering the darkness of our hearts and minds. Jesus is the light of the world.

Easter is the greatest celebration in the Catholic Church, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  Allelluia, alleluia, He is risen!!  Easter eggs are usually distributed after Mass at Easter, to signify newness of life.

On April 7th, we celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday.  This year was the 24th official worldwide celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday. This is usually held at St Mary’s Catholic Church, North Rockhampton.

On April 14th, the Mary Immaculate Church, Emu Park was delighted to have the baptisms of Emilia White and Margot Harrell. Emilia and Margot are daughters of Hannah and Trent White of Rockhampton and Caitlin and Joseph Harrell of Gloucestershire, UK. They are grandchildren of Jim and Maria Ellrott. The Ellrott family has been associated with Emu Park and the Catholic Church for a very long time. It was great to see all their family together for this sacred and special occasion, even if Fr Matthew did try to drown them with his blessing of Baptismal waters.