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News from Gladstone

15 May, 2021

The Gladstone Catholic Parish Women’s Group, Women of Worth, welcomes Catholic women to monthly events organized by a steering committee of local, faith-filled ladies. These events create opportunities to establish friendships and support networks, to participate in prayer and faith formation, and to share our lives, talents, and faith journeys. Events are advertised in the Parish Bulletin and Facebook page, as well as via email.

The steering committee (pictured) established the format and plan for the group.  We are excited to welcome ladies of the parish to a social event including a Multicultural Cooking demonstration. Learn how to cook two Filipino dishes and make new friends. RSVP’s are essential for this event, looking forward to seeing you there.

Our previous events included a welcome and get-to-know-you morning tea, Adoration followed by morning tea, rosary, and morning tea at Canoe point in Tannum Sands.

Youth Group

Star of the Sea youth group has kicked off early May with our fortnightly get together offering opportunities for our high school aged young people to socialise, have fun and be part of something important.

Each fortnight will include social opportunities and formation will take place at every second session. We hope to hold an annual retreat, some fundraisers as well as canvass interest for our annual Ignite camp/CCR conference. The SOS Youth have 7 youth leaders delivering the program with 2 staff fortnightly dedicated to running the afternoon. Father Andrew has been a great support and assistance in forming and developing leadership team to get it off the ground.

Our next gig is 23rd May – Come and join in the fun! Make some new friends, bring some old ones. learn something new about your faith and make lots of amazing memories! Fortnightly gathering of Star of the Sea Catholic Youth. Meet at the Parish Hall 4 PM.

Formation for Readers

Over the last few weeks Father Andrew has delivered a one-hour workshop at the 3 mass centres for readers currently listed and those interested in becoming a reader of the Word.

We explored what proclaiming means and what the Word of God is and how we are integral in the congregation’s participation in its message. It was enjoyable and interesting and attracted new readers and motivated current ones.