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News from Gladstone

19 February, 2024

Introducing the new faces of the Star of the Sea Parish

On the 1st of Feb 2024 our parish priest Fr Andrew Chase welcomed the new members of the Parish Council, Maria Cabral-Fernandes, Elise Ganley, Jinto Johny, Edward Lee, Salina May, Kim Swadling and of course the continuing members Fr Ashwin, Jennett Mullane (both ex officio) and Margaret Black and Day Diaz. We appointed a chair person and secretary and spoke about the Diocesan Pastoral Plan which was launched last year to help us guide our planning over the next two years.

Congratulations to our very own Ann Hopper, winner of the Gladstone region Australia Day Arts and Culture award. We are so proud of you Annie and grateful for your generosity with your musical skills to our church and the wider community!