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News from Emerald

08 June, 2022

Allan James Esmond

Born to this life ~ 21 December 1929  Born to eternal life ~ 23 May 2022

A large and diverse group gathered at St Patrick’s Church for the requiem Mass of Allan Esmond on Monday, 6 June.

Many wonderful memories of Allan’s life were shared. He was honoured for his love of family and of everything to do with land especially remembering his pride in his property ‘Lucknow’. Stories were shared of his enthusiastic love of books and knowledge, and his love of everything history, his strong passion for wool production, his enjoyment of being a cattleman, his extensive horse breeding program and his ability to transition on the land as the needs and trends changed. A quiet, humble, very interesting gentleman who loved his faith and family who will be missed by the St Patrick’s and Emerald community.

Allan is survived by his wife Denise and children, Catherine (Kate), Patrick, Allana and Shane and 10 much loved Grandkids.

Frs Francois and Yon warmly welcome Fr Sunil

Fr Sunil Paul Nagothus, SVD visited Frs. Francois and Yon as part of his care for Divine Missionary Priests, in his role as a member of SVD Provincial Council, Australia.

Fr Sunil enjoyed visiting Emerald, Springsure and Blackwater communities during his brief stay and thanked the parishioners for their care of the Divine Missionary priests.