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News from Emerald

21 August, 2023
Fr Francois celebrating full initiation into the Catholic faith with Maggie, Hannah, Ameila, Eric, Emma, Wayne and Sebastian.

Multicultural Mass

A wonderful celebration was had with Bishop Michael at Emerald’s annual multicultural mass. Emerald has proudly acknowledged and celebrated the diversity of its community for many years. Readings, prayers and music were presented in Tagalog, Indian, Tongan, Vietnamese, Timorese, Hindi, Fijian, Indonesian and Malagasy. A highlight of the celebration was the shared long brunch with every culture bringing their national food and the singing and dance performances.

Sacramental Programs

Emerald prepared seven children through the RCIC program this year and Fr Francois celebrated their full initiation during Sunday mass.

36 Emerald Students received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Michael in July. A special thanks to APRE’s Natalie McCosker, Meaghan Tucker and Caroline Pearce who have diligently and generously guided and supported these students and their families.