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News from Bundaberg

20 December, 2023
Celebration of Thanks to all who served in Ministry

Thank you and Farewell

At this time of the year, we look back to the hard work done by so many in ministry in the parish during the year. Everyone puts in the effort to serve the people of the parish using their time and talents in the liturgy, visitation, pastoral care, sacramental preparation, bereavement, maintenance of grounds and churches, evangelization ministries to name a few.

On Wednesday, 22nd November, Fr Don took the opportunity to express his thanks to each and every one for their faithful service.

It is also a time to farewell those who are retiring. On this night, we said thanks and farewell to Betty Potter for her 15 years as a hospital chaplain, to Marcia Sharp and Anne Sheehan who are retiring as members of the Parish Team.

Marcia has been the parish’s Visitation Ministry Coordinator for the last four years and Anne has served for the last 30 years in the areas of liturgy, sacraments, RCIA and music coordinator. Both ladies are looking forward to a slower pace of life.

Fr Don thanking Marcia Sharp and Betty Potter

To all who assist in ministry we say a sincere “thank you” and wish you and your families a joyful Christmas.

Christmas Wishes

Recently the Migrant Workforce Integration Manager form McCrystal Agricultural Services contacted the office to discuss how together we could help welcome to Bundaberg the many Catholic visa-workers who temporarily reside here. We are blessed with the numbers who attend our Sunday Masses, and we are grateful to the parishioners who make them welcome.

We learned that some of the workers like to paint on their days off.  They offered to paint some Christmas images to be displayed in the foyer of Holy Rosary church. The Vanuatuan community presented some of their artwork with their best wishes. We appreciate their efforts and welcome their participation in our community.

At this time of the year, we empathise with them so far from home and family and welcome them to our Christmas celebrations

From Bundaberg to the rest of the diocese, we extend our Christmas wishes. May you stay cool and enjoy the company of family and friends. In this troubled world our greatest wish is for peace, and may it begin with you.

Anne Sheehan