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News from Bundaberg

18 April, 2023
We welcomed six people into our faith community, Sylvia How, Hanahlin Whittard, Glen and Cameron Windsor, Jackson Cooper, and Emilee Poulsen.

The Lord is Risen

It is truly uplifting to celebrate together the central mystery of our faith during the Easter Triduum and Easter Sunday. It is a sign of the times and the changing culture of the Church in Bundaberg that all Easter liturgies were well attended and, in some centres, overflowing.

The sign, symbol and songs used to assist our prayers of praise were big, bold, and appropriate. The singers did a wonderful job of leading the assembly’s favourite Easter songs that are sung once a year and which invoke memory and meaning.  Fr Don and Fr Sijo let the incense rise wherever possible, ably assisted by a troupe of altar servers newly recruited for the celebrations. Guided by two senior altar servers, the young ones delighted in being able to serve at the altar.

The Easter Vigil without the RCIA candidates for Easter sacraments would be seriously lacking. This year we welcomed six people into our faith community through baptism, confirmation and Eucharist. We welcomed Sylvia How, Hanahlin Whittard, Glen and Cameron Windsor, Jackson Cooper, and Emilee Poulsen. The water was flowing and the gasps from the people in the seats were audible. Alleluia was sung after each baptism showing the Assembly’s support.

Palm Sunday

In the lead-up to Holy Week which begins on the Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord a small group of ladies came together on the Friday before to make palm crosses for everyone. After spending much time on Youtube to first learn how to make the crosses, they had a great time making crosses of various sizes. These crosses are always appreciated for their size as keepsakes till next year.

Fr Don’s installation

On Sunday March 19th during the 9.00am Mass at St Patrick’s, Bishop Michael installed Fr Don as our parish priest. After the Profession of Faith and the Oath of Fidelity to the Church, Bishop Michael conferred on Fr Don “all the responsibilities, duties, obligations and rights of this office, especially the sacramental and pastoral care of the People of God within this parish.”

The rite of installation of a new parish priest reflects liturgically what is written in the Church’s canon law and other documents, that a parish priest is the leader of the faith community. When such a rite is celebrated, it is important to stop and see what our Church is saying to us in word and symbol. The bishop prayed the prayer of installation over Fr. Don while he was sitting in the presidential chair. This was a symbolic recognition that Fr. Don is not elected to the position of the parish priest of our parish, but rather appointed by the Bishop.