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News from Bundaberg

07 June, 2022

Bishop Michael’s Pastoral Visit

Bishop Michael’ visit coincided with the conferral of the sacrament of Confirmation on the children of our parish. Confirmation was held over two nights, 31st May and 2nd June, and both occasions were very relaxed and meaningful for the children and their families. His keen interest in each of the candidates was noted and appreciated.

His visit also included visits to the three primary schools. His presence in the schools is always welcome, reminding the children and staff that they belong to a wider Church community where the Bishop is the chief pastor. It was an opportunity for Bishop Michael to join the school community in prayer, talk to the children and discover what interests them, and what they are doing at the moment.

Bishop Michael met with the parish leaders of the Finance Committee and Stewardship Council listening to the vision for the parish that both leadership groups are working towards, the Parish Team, the retiring Business Development Coordinator for Catholic Care, Maija Stewart, and priests of the parish on separate occasions. His was a full and fruitful visit for which we are thankful.

Long Service Gratitude

Two beloved people were thanked sincerely for their long service to the children and families of our parish at the end of the Confirmation liturgy on Thursday, 2nd June. Arthur and Dorothy Begeda have had to retire from the Sacramental Preparation team this year after 28 years of working for the children of the parish. Their love of their faith and the desire to share their faith with others keeps their commitment strong.

First Holy Communion

Having celebrated the sacrament of Confirmation with the Bishop the children now celebrate the sacrament of Eucharist. Last weekend 35 children received their First Holy Communion at the St Patrick’s and St James’ Masses. The other 35 children will celebrate theirs at Holy Rosary this coming weekend, 5th June.  The celebrations of First Holy Communion are wonderful parish events. They are reminders to us all that the treasure that is the Eucharist is freely given to us by Jesus in order to build up the Body of Christ, that is the Church on mission.

Pentecost Church Crawl

This is a relatively new ecumenical event organized by the leaders of the Uniting, Catholic, and Anglican churches of the city centre. Beginning at the Uniting Church with readings, songs and prayers, over 100 people walked (crawled) to the Holy Rosary Catholic church for more songs and a Pentecost reading, before “crawling” to the Anglican church one block away to conclude the Pentecost readings, followed by fellowship. A sea of red walking along the footpaths of the city centre is a sign of unity to which we all aspire.

Photo Gallery of the Bishop’s visit to the schools