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Mackay Mens’ Dinner

21 June, 2021

Another good night at the Mens dinner, Monday 31st May.

For the reflection, Graham read an article written by Father Matthew Maloney  ‘Pre-Easter Clergy Gathering’ . Very interesting and hopefully parishioners around the diocese would have read it in the April Bishop’s Newsletter and understand the importance of such gatherings.

Also for reflection, there was another article from the Gladstone parish bulletin, called Do it Anyway.  These were words written on the wall of Mother Teresa’s home for children in Calcutta.   It describes a series of things that people do and how they can be attacked or treated badly for doing them.  Mother Teresa’s response was to Do it Anyway.  ‘You see, in the final analysis it is between you and your God it was never between you and them anyway’. Members enjoyed the readings and copies were also  passed around.

Members applauded John Vella who has been a member of the dinner club for over 25 years in attaining the age of 90 years (looks like an  80 year old).

Secretary Rex Fraser, Dr Maree Ganley and Chairman Kevin McEvoy.

Our Guest Speaker was Dr Maree Ganley.  Maree  was born in Rockhampton but lived with her family Mary and Angelo Scott and brother Paul for all her schooling life in Brisbane. She is married to Phil Ganley also a secondary teacher. She has one son Brendan, who with his wife, Kathleen, have three children.

Maree was an educator in the primary and secondary sectors of education in central Queensland and Brisbane. She was Director of Advancement of St Leo’s Residential College within the University of Queensland and while there embarked on her PhD thesis which focussed on the social and cultural impact of boarding schools in regional areas of central Queensland.

A full copy of her talk is given in the main body of this newsletter

Members enjoyed meeting with Maree individually and giving her their view of the history of the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton, her talk was excellent with plenty of questions asked.

Our next dinner is on Monday 28th June. Our guest speaker is Nathan Harding from the Diocesan Office Rockhampton. Visitors and new members welcome.

Date Claimer for the October 25th dinner when ladies are invited, our guest speaker is Jim Ford the appointed Principal our new Catherine McAuley College Mackay.

Graham Featherstone