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Mackay Men’s Dinner

08 June, 2022

Our Men’s dinner was held on Monday 30th May. Another enjoyable night.

Kevin McEvoy our secretary welcomed everyone and read out the apologies. One of the apologies was for a member who is dealing with health problems and Kevin asked that we include this member in our prayers. Des said grace. Then we prayed to Mary McKillop, and after the prayer, we had a delicious meal. Rex followed with a reflection.

Our guest speaker was Councillor Lawrence Bonaventura from the Mackay Regional Council. Lawrence is in his third term on the council. When being introduced, it was pointed out all the areas where he is involved with the council. Also with St Vincent De Paul. We were so grateful he had the time to fit us in with his presence.

Lawrence started his talk about his involvement with the St Vincent De Paul Society. He is president of the St Jude’s Chapter which includes the running of the St Vinnies store in Mackay. He gave us the history of the store and how it has gone from strength to strength, thanks to the volunteers who assist and to the thanks of the donors over many years. As the store progressed, it was necessary to appoint a manager and some staff, including many volunteers helping at the store and at the warehouse. Mackay is so blessed to have such a place. It is run like any other business and there is excellent stock at very competitive pricing. Anyone needing urgent items is looked after. St Vinnies St Jude’s chapter volunteers assist where necessary.

Lawrence then went on to talk about his involvement as a regional councillor. He told us to think of ourselves as councillors and how we would go about making decisions etc. he spoke about various projects, funding, and where it comes from. Problems that pop up and those that need urgent attention. Proposed plans that have been approved for the future, pending funding. Also, many other areas where the council is involved.

The talk was so good, he answered question after question and was in delight answering. With a couple of problems, he said he would follow up. Members enjoyed his visit.

Our next dinner is on Monday 27th June. Visitors are also welcomed.