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Festival Gathering of St Vincent de Paul

19 October, 2022
Philip Cranny 45 years; Colleen Bignell 40 years; Neil Dwyer 30 years; Barbara Bickhoff 30 years; and Karen Page 20 years

On Sunday 16 October 2022, conference members of the St Vincent de Paul Society from around the
region gathered with parishioners from the Capricorn Coast Catholic Parish at the 9am Sunday Mass.
This was an opportunity for Long Service Awards to be presented, welcome new members, invite
existing members to renew their commitment to the Society and consider why we are members and
to rekindle among us the spirit of Blessed Frederic Ozanam and his Companions. The Society was
founded by them in 1833, in Paris. Their special aim, in the era, was to work together, as fellow
Catholics, in exercising a realistic love for the poor people in their midst. They not only helped
materially but also assisted spiritually, and treated these people in need with genuine love and
dignity. We value the spiritual gifts and talents of each new member and look forward to the vitality
and encouragement they bring to us all. At the gathering we were inspired by the enthusiasm of the
members of Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Mini-Vinnies, who recorded some of the activities
that they have undertaken during the year in a video clip which can be accessed by clicking Sr Kym Harris osb, our guest speaker for the
morning related several aspects of St Benedict’s Rule that was very relevant to Vincentians. Thank
you, Sr Kym.
At the Mass we presented awards to several members from our region for their outstanding service.

Mary O’Donnell, John Grimes, Kurtis Andrews, Sonia Cunningham, Lei Nelson, Dianne Rowan, Daphne Murdoch and Lara Sullivan

New members were commissioned and were presented with a candle signifying the ‘light of Christ’
that through their good works, they may be a beacon of Christ’s light, bringing love and mercy to all
those who are privileged to serve. Together with ‘ The Rule’, these symbols of Vincentian
commitment help to deepen our faith in Christ and keep us faithful to the Gospel.