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Expression of Gratitude from Fr Jayanthi Maddala HGN

21 May, 2024

Dear Bishop Michael, my brother priests and beloved parishioners all over the Diocese of Rockhampton,

It has been over 8 years since Fr Bryan Hannifin came to welcome me at Brisbane Airport. It was the 8th of February 2016.

To be honest, I did not know what to expect, but my sincere intention was to come here to Australia as a young missionary priest and work for the glory of God and to minister to the people in my care as best I can, trusting that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I will be the face of Jesus to them.

As time went on, I was transferred to various parishes to assist in some way or another. I shared both the joys and the pains that life throws at us. I want to sincerely thank, from the bottom of my heart, all those who welcomed me in any way, as I was assigned to assist in various parishes in this diverse diocese. I ministered in some way or other in nearly all the parishes except Bundaberg. This chapter in my life I will never forget, a truly memorable experience.

We all know, and maybe you too have experienced, that sometimes in life things happen without our knowing and without our control. We only have to trust in God and never look back. We serve a God who has a plan and purpose for our earthly journey. Our main goal in life must not be the approval of humanity but the approval of our Creator. With these thoughts in mind, I just want to express again my deepest gratitude and thanks to all who made my journey in life in this diocese a joy to serve in every way and again thank you for your support and love over the past eight years.

Thank you also to the many parishioners from around the diocese who either rang me or wrote to me, to say goodbye and wish me well in my future assignments. It really lifted my spirits, and your words of encouragement will continue to echo in my heart.

Please continue to be a blessing to each other and I ask you to please to continue to pray for me and my future ministry in India.

Until we meet again, goodbye and may the Lord bless you all in abundance.

Fr Jayanthi Maddala HGN