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15 June, 2021
CentacareCQ Client Contact Team (from left) Angela, Ebony, Lauren, Kate, Kaitlin, Bo-Maree and Chinara.

It’s never been easier to contact CentacareCQ

Contacting CentacareCQ has never been easier with the introduction of our new, state-of-the-art call centre system enhancing our ability to respond to your enquiries!

Over the past three years, CentacareCQ has experienced exponential growth in the number of calls we handle daily. The significant impact that this has had on you, our clients, has not gone unnoticed.

Speaking about the new call centre system, Director Robert Sims said responding to recent feedback, regarding client’s historic calling experiences, had been particularly important.

“We are very aware that when a client calls CentacareCQ, they expect to be receiving the very best customer service possible, and rightfully so! We receive more than 2000 phone calls per week and managing that kind of call volume, alongside delivering excellent customer service, presents complex and unique challenges,” Robert said.

“We have made it our mission, over the past few months, to find the best way for people to contact us, and we’re really excited for people to finally see the benefits of the system that we have found.”

CentacareCQ Client Experience Manager Shayley O’Keefe is responsible for the nine client contact officers who answer CentacareCQ’s daily calls.

She said her team was enjoying the new call centre features and said that one of the biggest improvements, with the new system, was that callers had the option to leave a voice message and still hold their place in the queue.

“If you call us and choose to leave a voice message, instead of waiting on hold, that voice message will now be sent directly to our next available client contact officer.,” Shayley said.

“This means that our team now have the ability to respond to voice messages much faster than before. It’s a really great example of one of the ways we are improving our overall customer service.”

Shayley says that the team was also exploring additional ways for clients to contact CentacareCQ and was looking forward to soon introducing web-based chat functions and live text messaging.

“It’s really exciting to be moving into a space where phoning the 1300 number isn’t the only way to get in contact with us,” Shayley said.

“For hearing impaired or non-verbal clients, the option to email, text or Facebook message us is a really big positive.

“We look forward to sharing more about these new and exciting features over the coming months.”

Need to get in touch with CentacareCQ?

  • Call us on 1300 523 985
  • Live Chat with us via
  • Message us on Facebook @centacarecq

Shaping the Future of Aged Care

Following the Australian Government’s commitment to implement several of the key recommendations from the report over the next 5 years, CentacareCQ’s Community Care team have been discussing the findings from the Royal Commission to see what these recommendations will mean for services in the future.

Director Robert Sims said while big changes were on the horizon, CentacareCQ was embracing the changes and working with their clients to help them through the transition.

“We are really supportive of what the Royal Commission has done and look forward to working with the Australian Government in the long term to continue to provide quality aged care,” he said.

“From the 148 recommendations that have come out of the Royal Commission, we are ready to embrace the changes, do the work, and help clients through them as they come.

“CentacareCQ has always had a strong focus on putting our client’s individual needs first – at the end of the day, You Matter.

During a recent discussion panel, managers and leaders heard from a current client and carer who spoke of their experiences accessing Aged Care support through CentacareCQ and what these reforms could mean for their day-to-day lives once introduced.

It was identified that it was important to understand the specific recommendations and to discuss ways for these to be implemented within CentacareCQ.

The discussion panel with the client and carer was instrumental in helping staff to look past the upcoming changes in processes and policies and be able to understand the generational change that could occur and the improvement to our client’s lives that will happen if these reforms are implemented correctly.

One of the key findings from the Royal Commission was the need to place people at the centre of aged care, something CentacareCQ has embraced whole-heartedly since its early beginnings.

CentacareCQ Clients are regularly given the opportunity to share their recommendations of the types of activities they would like to be involved in for social group activities conducted throughout the Diocese. In addition to this, CentacareCQ’s Home Care Packages (as well as NDIS plans) are tailored to suit every client’s individual needs to allow them to focus on what’s important in their lives.

Robert said the team was looking forward to the changes ahead to improve the aged care system for the better.