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Bishop Michael McCarthy Releases Pastoral Letter on Sanctity of Life Sunday

12 October, 2020

The issue of the Sanctity of Life is close to our Bishop’s heart. On Sunday the 4th of October placed the issue of the Sanctity of Life before the Diocese again.

In reinforcement of Sanctity of Life Sunday, Bishop Michael McCarthy has released a pastoral letter to all the faithful in the Diocese.

Bishop Michael asks every one of the faithful to discern in the weeks leading up to the election if the candidate you vote for in the election will uphold our Catholic stance of protecting and supporting human life, from its very beginning to its natural end.

He invites you over these next few weeks to visit and connect with all candidates and ask them what their views are so that you are fully informed. It is important that the faithful discern who will reflect the Catholic views on life, in resonance with the Catholic faith, within the next State Parliament.

You can view Bishop Michael’s Letter here:

Bishop Michael’s Pastoral Letter on Sanctity of Life Sunday.