The Diocesan Liturgical Commission has been established to assist the Bishop in his role of chief liturgist for the Diocese of Rockhampton. Members are appointed by the Bishop and serve for three years.

The Commission carries out its mandate through the following tasks:

  • advising the Bishop on liturgical matters;
  • planning major Diocesan liturgical events;
  • maintaining contact with parishes, Catholic schools and Catholic agencies within the Diocese to assist them with the Diocesan vision of liturgical practice;
  • keeping up to date with liturgical developments – local and universal;
  • identifying areas of liturgical need in the Diocese;
  • formulating policies and guidelines on liturgical matters to be approved by the Bishop;
  • developing resource material to promote the liturgical life of the Diocese;
  • organising and offering liturgical formation;
  • responding to inquiries concerning liturgical matters.


Executive Secretary
07 4887 3070 PO Box 611
Rockhampton Qld 4700