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Vinnies Cook-up

13 September, 2022
The Cathedral College students participate in Vinnies Cook Up

Making someone else’s life better was the motivation behind Year 9 student Poppy Taylor attending The Cathedral College’s annual Vinnies Cook-Up.

Poppy was one of 65 students and staff who prepared over 200 meals for struggling families and, together with her brother, raised over $500 to contribute to the schools’ $1500 donation to St Vinnies.

Poppy said the evening was a good way to give back to the community and to raise awareness about the issues behind homelessness.  “I learnt your life can change very quickly.  Every night I have a safe home to go to, a hot meal, warm shower, clean clothes and a loving family, and it’s important that the people who don’t have these things are still made to feel like they are seen, they are important and are cared for.  I can help by participating in projects such as the Vinnies Cook-Up.  It’s an opportunity to make someone else’s life a little bit better,” Poppy said.

Coordinator Jacinta Taske said the evening tapped into the desire to care for others deepening a sense of social justice.  “Samara and Ben from Vinnies brought to life the hardships many families face and how easy it is to fall between the cracks. Preparing meals and raising funds was a positive way for students to respond and to make a difference,” Miss Taske said.